While planning a holiday, next to travel expenses, the next big amount you will have to spend on is accommodation. As much as we may love to stay at hostels or other forms of cheap accommodations, the luxury of a hotel is priceless. Even though you will be spending most of the time outside the hotel, you want to come back to a cozy bed.


The comfortable room, magnificent service and the relaxing environment of the hotel make your trip a memorable one. But hotel luxury comes for a price. You have to shell more money to experience this comfort.

Hotels are certainly not cheap. The better the hotel, higher will be its price.

But you don’t always have to spend big bucks on hotel booking. If you follow these hacks, you will end up getting best hotel deals.


Use the hotel comparison websites

Many websites compare tariffs for the same hotel. Before booking you can check these websites so you don’t spend extra and get great deals.


Contact the hotel desk or check the hotel website

Many global brand hotels often offer great deals on tariffs on their hotel website. The big benefit of direct booking is that you get loyalty points, which can be used for your next booking.


You get an exclusive package when you call the hotel desk. Personalize your stay and get additional discounts too.


Subscribe to the hotel loyalty program

Many major hotel chains have their loyalty programs that offer great discounts and promotions. To stay ahead of competition these hotels proffer packages during festive seasons. So sign up for their newsletters and get great bargain.


Book for weekdays instead of weekends

You can find cheap hotel deals when you book to stay on weekdays instead of weekends. If that is not possible, book your stay Thursday onward. Some hotels give extra discount when you book for two or three nights with them.


These tips will surely help you save on hotel booking for your next vacation.